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On this page I am going to list all of the websites that I think are cool and that you should go to, thanks, peace to all, clay.

This is my friend Noreens (hey noreen, peace) website, if you want to or do play guitar then this site is for you, it is a site where you can request lyrics and chords and things like that.  Anyway, even if you don't play or aren't even thinking about playing, just check it out, PLEASE!  peace, clay.

g-tar lyrics

This next site is where I made my website, go to it and if you know HTML, then you can make a pro-website for only like 3 bucks a year or something like that! Anyway, when you sign up, your username will be your website name, so be careful!  peace to the world, clay.

website builder

This site(below) is one of the funniest websites ever!  They have animation, games, videos, and many many more hillarious things.  CHECK IT OUT!

ebaums world

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