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News for atticsales!

Here I will type in any news I have for people of atticsale.  So, read this page when ever I enter "New News"!  Thanks, peace, clay.

I have added 1 item to my website, check it out by clicking the link on the bottom of the page that says'Go to see first Item on atticsale'I may be using a real domain name soon, instead of having "http://" it would be "www." and instead of "" it would be ".com" or ".biz" or ".org" you get the idea. But, if you want to start a website tripod is the way to go, it lets you design a website for free! When I do publish that site I will let you all know what the name is so you can check it out and then you will also be able to find it on search engines such as "google" or "Yahoo", so that will be a dramatic thing for me! Well, no one has listed anything yet, yet 180 people have viewed this site this month as of the 19th of June! So, if you people have anything to sell at all, enter the sign up info in the entry boxes on the link on the "Sign Up" page and then once you are a member then you can enter your item info in the entry boxes on the "Our Products" Page. Thanks, until next time, Clay.

Go to see the first item on atticsale