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Attic Sales

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We'll explain our current business and ordering policies on this page.

Shipping and Handling

Sellers will attempt to ship item as soon as payment is recieved
Sellers may offer the following shipping methods:

Standard USPS Ground
USPS Second Day
USPS Overnite
Any UPS or USPS service 

In your description please put shipping costs so no one will have to e-mail you to ask.  (*Tip*Allow to ship more than one service, and if someone buys 2 or more of your items then allow to ship together to conserve shipping costs. 

How to Pay

Each seller has their own ways for payment, the payments we let them recieve are:Personal Check, Cashiers Check, Paypal, or credit cards. I can't tell you what most people use at the moment because I have had no items yet. Yet you can count on that most people will be using paypal, personal check, and maybe credit cards. I am not sure how to pay with a credit card, I suppose you give the seller the card numbers or something, and paypal you can sign up on, and you can send a personal check int he mail.

Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at: