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This Page is telling you how our site works. Please read before signing up or selling anything on Attic Sale, thanks.This site is almost like eBay, so if you have been to eBay before you may know a little about how this site works already, but please still read on. Ok, so you sign up, then you list your stuff, and you can type up a description of the item, a title, a picture(or more than 1), a price, a buy it now price, and a shipping costs. Now, a description of the item is just that, you can use HTML, you can say what is wrong or good about the item, the condition, and any other things you want to say about it. The title is what people see when they are looking at all of the listings in a page. A picture is a picture of the item that you upload from your computer, from your digital camera, if you don't have a digital camera then you can't have a picture. A starting price for people to bid on and increase as they bid like an auction, only online. A buy me now price, so that if someone doesn't want to take the chance of being outbid or don't want to wait, so they pay extra to buy it at that moment. When you ship something it costs money for:tape, a box or envelope, shipping prices, and packaging popcorn, styrofome, or bubblewrap, and instead of wasting 5 bucks or whatever it costs, you charge the buyer and then you only have to pay listing fees. Now, listing fee's are 75 cents, and you have a picture and all, now on eBay if your item sells you have to pay listing prices and a certain percentage of the final price, plus paypal (an online banking system) charges a certain amount for recieving money! So here it is one flat fee of 75 cents. If you want your item to be the item featured, then you pay 50 cents more and your item will be on the Home Page, on eBay it costs like 70 bucks!!! Ok, I know that's alot of info, so just try ti remember all of that! Have a great time selling and makin money!!! If you just want to buy, check everyday because every time someone lists something, there is something new to buy!!! Thanks, have a peaceful day! :)